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Limiting beliefs and our mindsets around money

We all have limiting beliefs about money that was formed whilst growing up, by certain events that happened in our lives or by what you’ve seen from those around you.

Some of these beliefs include the following:

  • You need money to make money
  • Only rich people can save/invest
  • Having money and paying yourself, is selfish
  • I’m not good with money
  • I will never have enough money
  • I don’t deserve to have/earn more money


These are only a few, and I am sure you can name so many more!

Beliefs become thoughts, which become actions and these actions often reinforce our limiting beliefs.

Your mindset towards money is an incredible determining factor when it comes to your financial success. Having negative beliefs about money, doesn’t stop it from existing. It prevents you from being able to improve your finances.

So now you’re probably asking, but how do you change your beliefs, to help you improve your finances and live your best possible life?

You have to challenge them!

If you are serious about changing your current views about money, you need to challenge the beliefs you hold. However, challenging beliefs that have taken deep roots, can take time.

There are reasons you believe the things you do about money. It might be a root of fear, a scarcity mindset, or something else. You will have to find out what has led to your beliefs around money and understand that it doesn’t have to define you going forward. It is now time to change your negative beliefs and let go.

The combination of mindset and action is critical for change in all areas of our lives. Making a decision to reset the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and then taking action to manage your money, will create amazing results.

You can also reach out to a professional to help you to challenge these beliefs, change your mindset, set goals, and then help you to achieve them.

You CAN change your financial future, with the resources that you currently have available to you. But it is up to you to take the first step, to making changes to help you to live your best life.

What are you waiting for?