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YOU deserve a great plan!

Managing your money is so often an overwhelming, time-consuming, and downright scary thing. Terence Tobin, Salomé Nel, Gavin Lewin and Philip van der Merwe, of Rich Ideas Group, are here to help you on your journey.


We are a team of passionate financial professionals, who specialise in financial planning and advice. We offer a first consultation; without obligation, so you can ask any questions on your mind and for us to understand who you are and what is important to YOU!


Terence, Salomé, Gavin and Philip understand that every single person is different. We also realize that the big picture is vital in moving you forward on your journey. 

This is why we focus on all aspects of your financial journey – not just policies and products. 

What we can do

Terence, Salomé, Gavin and Philip understand the holistic picture of your journey
Are you correctly insured? Will your premiums get more and more expensive every year?
Living Benefits
Life, dread disease, disability and income protection cover. Let's review your needs.
Will you be ready for retirement? We will be fully transparent! How much is enough?
Advice & Planning
Get financial advice to meet your needs. Everyone is unique, advice should be unique too.
Will & Estate Planning
Helping you to draft your will and legacy plan. Don't leave it to chance.
Tax & Accounting
We have partnered with passionate professionals who can help you.

Salomé Nel



Salomé is passionate about helping others shine.  Her commitment to her work, dedication to her colleagues and clients as well as her ability to keep her thumb on all that is happening at Rich Ideas; is why everyone that works with her, absolutely loves her.

Cayleigh Sanzullo



Cayleigh, is organised and detail orientated, she is the office go-to, for all your admin-related queries and requests. She is always happy to take your calls with the kind of smile you can hear. If you’re unsure of what you need, she will guide you through our services as a start to your financial journey with the Rich Ideas Group.

Cheryl Williams


Cheryl has been the assistant to Gavin Lewin since May 2021. She is an independent Virtual Assistant and offers administrative support through her company, Cheryl Williams Virtual Assistant.

Tara van der Merwe



Tara is Philip’s right-hand lady and finds joy in creating systems that increase efficiency.  Capable of communicating clearly and paying close attention to detail, she will do the job until it’s perfectly done.  A motivated team player and able to analytically look at her work from all angles, Tara will use her can-do attitude to approach problem solving in a positive manner.

Terence Tobin


Who are you? What do you think about? What is your relationship to money? These and many more questions, have a huge impact on you and your family reaching your financial goals. Telling you what to think and what to do, is not my business. Rather it is to work alongside you, so that reaching your goals is as easy as possible.

Gavin Lewin


Having been in the financial services industry for 31 years now, I’ve have literally heard and seen it all. So, whether you’re fully in control of your financial life or your financial life is so chaotic that you don’t know where to turn to, I can help you make sense of it all. If it’s a no-nonsense, transparent and long-term financial planning partner you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Melissa Weber


After having a recent widow cry in my office because she was overwhelmed by all the tasks to get her widow’s pension in her emotional state, I became passionate about helping South African women manage their finances.  Whether single or married I understand that finance is emotional and having someone else help you, minimises that. Think of me as your knowledgeable friend who will ask you the difficult questions, simplify the tricky lingo and help you make the best decisions to achieve your goals

Philip van der Merwe


Working with dads, between 30 to 40 years of age is where I do my best work.

As a dad myself, I know the transitions you are going through. Having someone to discuss family, kids, financial future and concerns on the journey that lie ahead.

So, by “being in his shoes” I understand what he is going through and therefore I will be better able to help him achieve his financial goals and ease his concerns.

Professional Financial Planners - Financial Planning First, Not Policy Sales

The Financial Advisors and Planners at Rich Ideas, are fee based.  This means we focus on you and not product providers. 


Much the same as other professional practitioners we charge a professional fee based on the time and effort we spend in preparing opinions, proposals and research.

We unfortunately cannot merely prepare proposals with detailed solutions and recommendations without compensation. We believe that our solutions and recommendations stand apart from products that can be used to meet the planning requirements and must be remunerated as such.


This also prevents the bias to recommend solutions which are tailored to sell products and keeps us focused on you.

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